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If you’re looking for a massage expert in Glasgow, you’re in the right place

Do you experience any of these?

I can help! I’ve got 29 yrs hands-on experience helping clients with these and other issues.

Massage therapy can help ease tense muscles, reducing pain & discomfort, and aid injury recovery. It is not a substitute for medical care from your GP or Doctor.

Hi, I’m Trevor

A massage therapist based in Glasgow, Scotland. FKA, The Massage Specialist.

I’ve racked up 29 years in the industry as a massage therapist, clinic owner and business strategy coach for massage therapists.

You’ll find me at The Glasgow Treatment Rooms a multi-therapist clinic in Glasgow city centre which I also own and run.

The Massage Rebel Trevor Chisman

Massage Business Coaching

Need a hand to grow you massage business? I’m here to help!

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve fallen out of love with your massage business?

Is it a struggle to find clients and keep them coming back?

Running a business with all the admin and marketing probably isn’t what you signed up for when you became a massage therapist.

It can be challenging, stressful and lonely at times.

Have you considered working with a business strategy coach? It could be the difference between going round in circles or growing a thriving business you love.

An experienced therapist and business coach can show you the ropes, make suggestions and act as a sounding board for all your plans and ideas.

If you’d like some support to grow your massage business or work through some massage or business challenges, I’m here to help.

I have a whole bunch of downloads you can grab for free and a library of classes and workshops you can sign up for to help you learn and grow your massage business.

Want individual support? I also offer one-to-one coaching in-person (Glasgow, Scotland) or via Zoom.