Let’s face it, headaches are horrible!

Getting a massage for your headaches can often be a game changer.

Headaches range from a nagging dull sensation the size of a pea that sits just behind your eyeball to full on – my head is going to explode – experiences.

Just like the range of sensations, there are just as many reasons we get headaches.

One of the most common types of headache is tension headaches, these typically come on when you’re stressed, uptight or just have a lot on you plate to cope with.

Stress and tension actually play a big role in all headaches even those caused by factors such as medication, illness and neurological issues.

Massage for headaches, The Massage Rebel

Why? Because we respond to pain with a stress response and typically tense up with the pain we’re experiencing.

With this in mind, doing something constructive to lower your stress response and reduce tension especially in the upper back and neck region will often help the headache reduce or even vanish completely.

Massage can be very effective for tension headaches and helpful for many other types of headache.

I’m not talking about a general relaxing spa massage here – although that might work.

I’m talking about focused and knowledgable hands slowly unpicking all the tension lines and knots in your upper back, shoulders and neck muscles. Slowly lowering the resting tone of your muscles and fascia and making everything feel calm, soothed and pliable again.

give massage a try for your headache!