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Had my first ever massage last night with trevor. I was more than impressed. He found all the ares which had knotted muscles and today i woke up feeling fresh and ready for the day. Will 100% be back again
Pippa W
Having been attending Trevor for the last 2-3 years I can honestly say that you won’t get a better massage. With the correct pressure Trevor knows exactly the right areas to work on. I am continuously impressed by the professional and attentive care he provides each time I go. Needless to say I would highly recommend Trevor.
Trevor managed to sort my pain levels when I wasn’t exercising at all and when I was exercising too much. Now I have found a happier medium – but my sciatica and back pain return cyclically (discogenic and various accidents) and Trevor always does the right massage for me. I wouldn’t have anyone else, ever.
Margherita M
Big thanks for yesterday and just to let you know that things much better this morning. I could barely feel it at all which is a major step forward from the previous two mornings. And now it seems totally fine. You certainly do know what you’re doing!
Having been plagued by a mystery back problem which has affected me massively, I can only wonder now why I didn’t book in with Trevor sooner. After a consultation and Wonderful deep tissue massage I feel so much happier in the knowledge that I know what the problem is. Now because of his knowledge an expertise I can start to put my back pain behind me. Thank you Trevor.
John Joseph
If Carlsberg done massages…… Thoroughly impressed from start to finish, incredibly knowledgeable, great surroundings, and incredible results after one hour. I can’t rate it highly enough.
Stuart S
I cannot thank you enough for today. I thought I will never find a therapist that will help me with my back, like what I used to have from my local therapist from the Philippines.
From the very start to finish you were spot on. You have covered each and every area on my back that I wanted focus on.
It was amazing, I felt better and will definitely come back. Thank you again.
D Halliday
Just wanted to write a quick email to say thanks for the massage on Tuesday. My back feels great and I have no lower back pain at all at the moment. I was also at the gym yesterday and could do more abs/core work without the usual feeling of strain on my back.
Thanks, it really makes a difference to just be able to get on with the day ahead without the persistent nagging pain that usually haunts me. I will definitely be back.
Has helped me understand my problem back,and I always leave in much better condition than when I arrived. His technique, knowledge, calming voice and relaxing music, coupled with a clean tidy studio that is scented with a delightful aroma has made every visit an absolute pleasure. His hint’s and tip’s about stretching and not doing too much has improved my well being immensely. Thanks Trevor.
John Thomson
The best massage treatment I have experienced. From my first treatment some years ago to the present day, I have always found Trevor to be Professional, Informative and Caring. I have lost count of the amount people I have recommended to Trevor. Glasgow is lucky to have him.
Stephen P
Without doubt, the best massage I have ever had.
Irfan Saeed
Professional, competent and caring. Wonderful massage. Had my best sleep in months. I will be returning.
Sara Dixon
Trevor, I am back from my travelling and believe it or not, I seriously feel MUCH better. You are very talented, and I hope to come back for my next visit soon.
Nina Kaur
I have visited several chiropractors and massage therapists and in short Trevor is the only one who has made any headway with my knotted back.
Neil Shannon
What a font of knowledge and I am in awe of Trevor and what he knows about our bodies. Much more than just a great massage.
Tracey Harrison
I just had a massage with Trevor. My first professional massage! Absolutely fantastic! Feel like a million dollars. I’ll definitely be heading back soon.
Edward N
Trevor is an absolute genius! His knowledge and skills are phenomenal, and I always feel totally transformed after just one hour. Trevor is so personable and professional that he makes you feel completely at ease. He is clearly very passionate about his work and he takes great care to mindfully diagnose and address any problem areas, offering very helpful (and interesting) guidance and advice throughout. Trevor has world class expertise and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Suffice to say; I wouldn’t consider going for massage anywhere else.
Caroline Hurst
I have had quite a few massages over the years and I can honestly say that Trevor is by far the best. “Cosmetic messages” as I call them make you feel good at the time and even for a little while after, however 3 days after a session with Trevor I am still feeling the benefits. He makes you feel at ease, he will discuss any problems you are having and will conduct the session to suit. I have been to Trevor on 4 separate occasions and I have never received the same massage, they differ depending on the problems I am having at the time.
Try it and see for yourselves. Actions speak louder than words.
M Reid
I just got back from an hour long massage with Trevor. Not only does he do a thorough job, tackling all the areas I needed help with, but his work space is impeccable. The room is nice and open, his massage table is clean and heated (you can see all of the clean sheets neatly stacked, ready for new clients), and he truly goes out of his way to make you comfortable. He doesn’t use slimy massage oil with nauseating smells, but he uses a nice cream that warms up to your skin instantly. I always find it awkward with conversation when getting a massage and often times choose not to talk at all, but Trevor let me ramble and there was good banter between us. I went in for a work-related problem versus a relaxing massage, so it allowed for a little chat, though I can imagine Trevor would respect you if you chose to keep quiet. We had a nice consultation before the initial massage to figure out which areas to target, and why I wanted to target them. Once again, he made sure to let me know that if anything was uncomfortable, OR on the other hand, if something felt pretty good, to let him know. But, I’d say he did an excellent job at figuring it out without much input from me. I’ll definitely be going back.
Daniella D
Trevor is a first class massage therapist with a deep tissue massage technique which hits the spot. I suffer from upper back and neck pain, from sitting at a desk for most of the working day, and regularly swimming breast-stroke. After a session with Trevor I walk away from the treatment room with the relevant areas manipulated and feeling comfortable. He is very knowledgeable of his profession, is highly professional and makes me feel completely at ease and relaxed during sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend Trevor to others.
J Marshall
I work as an Osteopath, and I have trouble with my own back from time to time. I had great difficulty finding a person who could give me a first class massage – until I met Trevor. Trevor has a great way of working, and has helped me a greatly. He is the best Massage Therapist I have come across in Glasgow, and I would have no reservations recommending him.
David D
Osteopath – LinkedIn
Trevor is brilliant! I have been troubled by back and neck tension problems for years and after meeting Trevor for the first time he got right to the root of the problems and worked wonders with deep massage. I’ve used several massage therapists over the years – Trevor is without doubt the best ever.
Alan Douglas
Quite simply Trevor is one of the best massage therapists I have attended. And I have had every kind of massage in dozens of countries over 20 years. No nonsense, no whale music, excellent results. And a very nice guy.
Campbell Airlie
I’ve always had difficulty stretching my back, its always been tight, but it feels great now, not like my own back at all.
N Flemming
Trevor brings a focus and an expertise to his work that I’ve rarely encountered in a massage therapist. Every time I’m in Glasgow I book in for a treatment. My muscles are tight and I have knots in my shoulders and yet after an hour with Trevor my body feels light and tension free. I recommend him to all of my friends who say they could use a really good massage. I haven’t found a better, friendlier professional massage therapist in Glasgow or even in Scotland.
M Halavage
After searching for over 8 years for a massage therapist who is knowledgeable enough to understand a certain condition and who could help me feel better, I found Trevor and I am absolutely delighted with the results! I can now go a few weeks without a being in pain whereas before, I was attending twice a week. Trevor is by far the best massage therapist I’ve ever been to and I believe in him fully. He is confidential, trustworthy and makes me feel at ease and relaxed. I cannot recommend Trevor highly enough!
A Kemp
Hi Trevor, Just to let you know I ran the 10K Thursday best time ever and no knee pain! So will keep on with the exercise and hopefully continue to improve. You’re a wee star! Thanks
Carole Armour
A fantastic massage therapist who’s ability to fix me has so far been unsurpassed in terms of massage – painful but worth it!
Paula Wilson
Hi Trevor, I have just finished the Glasgow 10k!! I couldn’t have done it without the massage yesterday. Am now feeling pretty stiff so will do some of the stretches. Thank you for the stretching stuff. See you soon
Sue Barnes
One side of me felt completely different to the other! I feel a million times better for the work you have done.
E Stopford

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Has to be the top massage therapist ever. Very focused and firm massage without ever being too rough and certainly not fluffy. I would recommend Trevor to anyone in the Glasgow area!
First time for a professional massage; fantastic. Felt the knots in my back and neck crunching away! Lovely firm pressure combined with a range of temperatures- warm oils to hot stones. An hour of total relaxation. And a very real endorphin rush which lasted hours. Thank you.
Donna Dobson
Hi Trevor, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping Matt D’Netto on the Triple Threat Tour, really appreciate it! Matt successfully managed to complete the London Marathon, around 410 miles of the LE JOG cycle and the 3 peaks challenge in 7 days!
Tom Ward-Davies
Having studied and worked as a swedish massage therapist and reflexologist in previous years, I had some knowledge of what to expect from a good massage. Unfortunately, I never found what I was looking for when i went for a massage anywhere in Glasgow, until I went to see Trevor Chisman. Clearly very skilled, knowledgeable and professional, the best massage I have ever had. Will be going back regularly and buying several vouchers as Christmas presents for other people too. Highly recommended.
Gillian Kobiela
A recent six-week work trip found me in planes, trains and automobiles across three continents, on 18 different flights, and cruising over 30,000 air miles. Fortunately for me, it was all business and first class, but it was exhausting nonetheless and caused havoc upon my poor wee body.
Over the past four years Trevor has remained a staple in my “book”. Tried and true… I may have veered in the past (shhh… don’t tell Trevor), but I have always gone back to Trevor because he is without a doubt the best massage therapist in Glasgow. As much as my schedule can no longer accommodate the fortnightly/monthly massages I used to get when I still lived in the US, whenever I can schedule a session with Trevor it’s easy to book online.
Before returning to the UK, I booked a 2-hour session with Trevor online. Literally a day after I stepped off the plane in the UK, I walked into his studio and let him work his magic on my travel-wrecked body. Crossing all 24 international time zones in 6 weeks can really mess you up. Before every session I tell him what’s up, what is bothering me, we’ll discuss what needs to be focused on and he creates a bespoke treatment on the spot. By the end of the session, all the knots were worked out, tension eased and I was finally refreshed after my long and extensive journey around the world.
Do yourself a favour and pay Trevor a visit.
Lex G
Constant daily demands can really stress a girl out. My remedy is a good thorough professional massage. Massages are one of my favourite indulgences, and a necessity in my de-stress routine when I find the time. When I moved to Glasgow, I was bummed that I had to research and find a new massage therapist. Through my diligent research, I found Trevor. I’m thankful I did… because now the boyfriend and I try to see him regularly. Trevor is very professional, caters to the client’s needs, provides a clean and relaxing atmosphere, and delivers an amazing massage. Massages range from 1-2 hours. Afterwards, I feel relaxed and loose like a noodle after the knots are worked out… mmm…
Lex G
Trevor Chisman is the best masseur I’ve come across anywhere in the world. Over the past three years he has helped me get through the challenges of three bereavements in my close family and all the associated stress and anxiety.
Trevor is an extremely pleasant chap who puts you at ease immediately. I wouldn’t consider anyone else and I would thoroughly recommend him.
Trevor is a real professional and an expert in his field. He listens to his clients carefully and seeks to find specific solutions for each individual. The environment he creates is calm and professional he is patient and informative. I also find his online booking system really useful and efficient. All round he is great at what he does.
G Gillespie
Just a brief note to say a big thank you. I am now able to sit with practically no discomfort. I wish I had come to see you a lot sooner than I did as I have been suffering considerable pain since January of this year. A great success.
N Bell
Just had to email and say thanks for fixing my back! I was in yesterday and was walking like a 90yr old! Woke up this morning like a new person – couple of twinges at hips (doing stretches) but generally back to normal!
Thanks sooooooo much!
W Baird
Trevor is an exceptional Massage Therapist. His curiosity has led him to do many courses which have given him understanding and skills for working with injury and pain. As a physiotherapist, I know that any referrals I send his way are going to be treated with the upmost care and attention to detail. Highly recommended.
K Lord
I always arrive in pain and leave feeling like I am floating. Fantastic massage from someone who knows his clients and adapts to their needs.
C Henderson
Brilliant and knowledgable Therapist. As well as a great massage I always learn so much every time I go and see him. I would recommend Trevor to everyone.
F Howell
Trevor is very professional and aware of my condition Fibromyalgia. Ive been suffering deep muscle tension, knots and spasms mainly in my upper back. Not to mention my neck, which has severe crepitus due to tight muscles. The Trigger Point massage has made a huge difference to my Chronic Pain Syndrome. The first day i went to him i was nearly in tears with the pain. I came out after an hr of treatment and i thought i was in heaven. It lasted for months.
L Hendry
Trevor, just wanted to say that I can’t wait for my next massage session with you! I can’t thank you enough for the time and attention you gave me when I hurt my neck, couldn’t move my head, and was feeling very nauseous with it. An hour in your expert care took care of that and it hasn’t bothered me since. I also appreciated the time you took in explaining why my neck had seized up for no reason, like that, and the active aftercare you gave me. As a fellow massage therapist my challenge has always been to just find someone who can give me a great massage, but also treat any grumbles I have without over complicating things. Your knowledge and care of clients is exceptional.
Elizabeth B
After been involved in a car crash which resulted in neck & back injuries, I began going to Trevor to assist in my recovery in getting back to work after seeing him appear on STV’s ‘The Hour’. All I will say is that if it wasn’t for Trevor, there is no way I would have been back at work as soon as I was. He is very professional and knowledgeable person with excellent facilities. Professional, quality massages and you will definitely feel the difference afterwards
Scott M

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