Do you experience Leg or Knee pain or tiredness?

If you’re active in any sport or physical activity, it’s likely you’ve felt your leg or knee pain.

Perhaps you’ve experienced heaviness or tiredness in your legs and knees?

Maybe to the extend they’ve even felt like tree trunks rooted into the ground.

For some reason massage can help the legs feel a little lighter. It can also help give you a degree of spring and bounce back.

I wish I had a good explanation why this happens, unfortunately I don’t. It’s just something so many people experience and report after their leg massage.

Massage can help with leg and knee pain

Another thing clients report after leg massage is how their stride feels much freer and longer.

If you’re feeling like your legs are rooted into the ground, your stride is more a shuffle and you knee flexion is stiff and stilted, try a leg massage.

I work with runners who do the occasional 5k right up to those who run multiple marathons each year.

I work with cyclists, weight lifters, hill walkers who bag Munro’s.

But massage can still help if you’re struggling to walk round the shops on a Saturday afternoon.

If you’re experience leg or knee pain massage could help.

But massage would also be helpful if your just feeling less mobile than normal.