Hands up if you like stretching?

Stretching for 10 minutes is a big ask let alone stretching for 50 minutes – who even does that?

But here’s the thing, regular stretching is great for our mobility whether that means being able to run faster, train better, recover quicker or just feel more mobile in our everyday lives.

The great thing about assisted stretching is someone else does all the hard work for you.

That doesn’t mean to say it isn’t challenging, it certainly can be. Like any form of stretching we are challenging the end range of your mobility and that can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable although it shouldn’t be painful.

The goal is ultimately to improve your mobility and range of motion so you can move and feel better.

Who should get stretched?

Assisted Stretching is for everyone regardless of age, lifestyle or body-type.

Whether you’re a superstar athlete, weekend warrior or don’t exercise at all, everyone can benefit from getting stretched. 

When should you get stretched?

If you’re feeling stiff, then anytime is a good time to get stretched.

Getting stretched in the mornings is amazing as you get to enjoy that freshly stretched feeling all day long.

Pre- or post- workout, is great too

A pre-workout stretch can help to boost your performance. 

A post-workout stretch can help speed recovery and return your muscles to their natural resting length.

Whether you’re interested in a performance boost, help with recovery or you just want to increase your mobility and feel amazing.

Assisted stretching can help. 

What to get stretched?

A stretch session is always full body. There’s no point in stretching the legs without also addressing the hips, torso and arms – it’s all connected, right?

Saying that, if you have a specific area or body part that feels like it needs a little more attention, we can certainly focus in on that region during the session.

During the session, I’m sure we’ll identify areas that feel blocked, stuck or need more time too.

What should you wear?

Unlike massage, assisted stretching is performed clothed.

Clothes you feel comfortable wearing and which allows for unrestricted movement.

Gym and yoga type clothes are perfect.

  • Leggings
  • Cycling style gym shorts
  • Joggers
  • Training bottoms
  • T-shirts
  • Gym tops
  • Sports bra’s
  • Fresh socks

Avoid baggy shorts as these usually don’t provide enough personal coverage during the stretches.

Please do bring a fresh pair of socks to wear during your stretch session.

During your session you’ll be lying on your back and sides and your hips and chest are stretched into “open” positions. Please make sure whatever clothes you wear will maintain your modesty throughout the session.

More Info

For more info about my assisted stretching sessions please visit my dedicated stretching website – GetStretched.uk

image of someone being stretched with Assisted MyoFascial Stretch Therapist