I know what you’re thinking

– What the hell is a Myofascial Massage?

First off, Myofascial is simply a word that means Muscle (Myo) and Connective Tissue (Fascia).

Secondly, Myofascial Massage is not the same thing as Myofascial Release.

Saying that, Myofascial Massage does draws inspiration from Myofascial Release and another similar technique, Structural Integration, sometimes also referred to as Rolfing™️

Both of these techniques focus on “releasing” the Fascia.

How much of that release actually happens in the soft tissue and how much is driven by changes in the nervous system is up for constant debate.

In my personal opinion and experience, I’d go for the later, i.e. driven by the central nervous system.

Either way, Myofascial Massage is a great technique that can help you to feel structurally supported with more freedom and less discomfort, and lets face it who doesn’t want to feel like that?

Myofascial techniques tend to be either slow or very slow. The pressure ranges from moderate right up to quite strong.

Often a myofascial massage session will involve pauses whilst holding the working pressure, range of movement stretches and sometimes active movements from the client too.

Myofascial Massage is my signature massage technique. If you come in for a massage with me, we will use myofascial massage techniques as they are the main stay of my armoury.