Cory Blickenstaff PT, runs through some Novel Movements and EdgeWork for the Shoulders and Neck.

These movements are gentle Neuro-based techniques aimed at helping you explore movements which are slightly different from your normal everyday movement patterns and habits. They can over time help break the association between specific movements and pain.

Novel Movements for the Shoulder Girdle

A series of shoulder movements designed for people with shoulder pain and to help improve movement repertoire.

Novel Movements for the Neck Part 1

Neck movements helpful for people with neck pain, headaches and pain limited range of motion, also useful as movement preparation and for adding movement variation to habitual movement patterns.

Remember there is no need to push these movements or for them to be uncomfortable at any time.

Novel Movements for the Neck Part 2

Another example of using novel movements of the neck. Frequently used for people with neck pain, headaches, radiating arm pain. they are also useful as “warm up” movements and micro breaking movements for people exposed to a lot of sitting or desk work.

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