One of my favourite exercises to send clients away with is chin tucks or more precisely chin retractions.

This is a simple exercise that helps to stretch the muscles and soft tissue all around the neck region and ultimately freeing the movement of the cervical vertebrae too.

It’s usually a very simple exercise to demonstrate but with Covid19 requirements for wearing a mask or face covering that simple demonstration has become difficult if not impossible depending on the mask being worn.

Hopefully this page will help you get to grips with how to do the exercise.


  1. Keep your eyes focused on a point in front of you to help avoid your chin dipping or raising,
  2. Move your chin backwards as if trying to make a double chin,
  3. Move slowly and stop at a gentle stretch,
  4. Return chin to the start position.

This shouldn’t be a forced movement nor pull your shoulders backwards either.

The exercise should gently challenge your end range of movement on a regular basis throughout the day so your range slowly increases.

You can do as many sets as you want throughout the day but stick to one set at a time and only 10 retractions per set.

Remember, keep your eyes focused on a point in front whilst drawing your chin straight backwards as if to make a double chin. Move slowly and only go as far as you feel a gentle stretch.