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My Fav Business Books

Here’s my go to list of books I recommend to all therapists and practitioners looking to grow their business.

It’s a mixed bag including books on thinking differently, write great content and pricing.

If you’re looking for solid advice that can help you build a sustainable business then I highly recommend you check these books out.

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The Go Giver

The Go Giver

The Go Giver by Bob Burg is basically a business idea written as a parable.

Through successive characters and tales of their business success the reader is presented with simple ideas on how business can be done differently.

A more wholesome and ethical approach to business that focusses on building trust and value through authenticity.

I challenge you to not find something helpful in this book.

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May I Have Your Attention, Please.

May I Have Your Attention Please

May I have your attention, please by Mish Slade is the best book out there on writing business content for your website, social media and marketing.

You really want your personality to shine through in everything you write for your business. Give readers a glimpse into who you are and how you work before they ever get in touch.

This book will show you what not to do and give you fantastic tips on how to do it right.

Totally Brilliant!

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Sweetspot Pricing

Sweetspot Pricing

Sweetspot Pricing by Julia Chanteray tackles the eternal question “How much should I charge?”

This has to be the most common question every self employed therapist, practitioner and wellness business wants answered.

No more guessing what to charge, under pricing yourself or just copying everyone else.

Julia takes you through a simple process that enables you to work out perfectly what you need to charge to build your sustainable career or business.

Heads up: It’s plainly a self published book and the layout could be way better but the actual content is golden.

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