Am I the Right Therapist for You?

What I offer

A proper massage that will help to ease those tight and sore muscles, knots and trigger points.

My massage style is Slow, Firm and Focused.

Firm enough to not be wishy-washy but not so deep it’s painful and leaves you feeling battered and bruised.

I occasionally offer Cupping and Kinesio Taping during sessions if I think they’ll be helpful.

What I don’t offer

If you’re looking for a really deep or really light massage, I’m not the right therapist for you.

I’m not a Physio, if have an injury or undiagnosed pain, I recommend seeing a Physio first.

I’m not a Chiropractor or Osteopath so I’m not going to click your back or neck.

I don’t balance Chakra’s or do Reiki. There are plenty of other therapists who offer these service, it’s just not me.

About Me

I’ve been a massage therapist since 1993 and providing massage in Glasgow since 2006.

My techniques and massage style come from Deep Tissue massage, Myofascial Release, Structural Integration and Trigger Point therapy.

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Is massage right for you?

Like it says at the top, Massage is for Every Body!

It doesn’t matter your age*, size or fitness level, massage can help you feel better and make life more enjoyable.
*Please note: I don’t work with clients who are under 18.

Whether you’re looking for a one off massage? A series of treatments to help you get back to feeling yourself again? Or regular ongoing sessions so you feel fantastic all the time? I can help.

During your Session

I can discuss the anatomy and physiology to help you better understand why you’re feeling stiff, tender or sore

Or, if you’d prefer to just relax and enjoy the massage, I can keep quiet so your mind can wander and drift.

At the end of the session, I can also give you some simple exercises and movements to help maintain the benefits of massage if you’d like

What I’ll do

  • Do a thorough consultation,
  • Listen to your goals,
  • Discuss treatment options,
  • Answer any questions in simple terms,
  • Explain what I’m doing and why,
  • Provide a first class massage,
  • Help you uncover movement or posture habits,
  • Suggest simple movement exercises,
  • Make your session both helpful and enjoyable.

The Glasgow Treatment Rooms

The Glasgow Treatment Rooms is conveniently located right in Glasgow city centre, just 1 minute walk from Queen Street Station and George Square.

The clinic is set up to be both relaxing and clinical in nature. A space where you can relax and chill out whilst also receiving exceptional clinical massage therapy.

Time to book your massage In Glasgow

Appointments are at The Glasgow Treatment Rooms in Glasgow city centre.

All appointments need to be booked online but it’s a pretty simple process.

Start by clicking the button below.

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Glasgow Treatment Rooms
Second Floor
34 West George Street
Glasgow, Scotland.
G2 1DA

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