Do you ever struggle with what to post on Instagram?

I certainly did and still do sometimes.

Would you like some prompts to give you ideas and guide you?

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Each day builds on the previous day’s post and will help you to become consistent with posting to Instagram on whatever schedule works for you.

Just because I’m going to send you an email everyday doesn’t mean you to do a post every day.

Perhaps a different schedule suits you better. Maybe every other day, just weekdays, or maybe just twice a week. It’s your business, you’re the boss!

I personally don’t post at weekends. Weekends are my mini social media vacation each week.

It’s OK to follow whatever schedule works for you. You just have to store the daily emails until you’re ready to use the prompt.

The great thing about these prompts, is you can actually use them over and over again. So I’d suggest saving them for whenever you’re looking for a little inspiration.

And, yes I use them myself whenever I get stuck for something to post on Instagram.

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