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Action Plan Worksheets

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Action Plan Worksheets

What the hell is an action plan and why do you need one?

An action plan will help you turn your goals and projects into easily achievable action steps so you can get sh*t done!

We all have goals and dreams but all too often we find ourselves disappearing down a social media hole, getting tangled up in the minutiae of everyday life or simply procrastinating and avoiding the task at hand.

This is where an action plan can really help you out.

To realise your dream or bring your project to life you need to take action.

There’s no magic here; action plans are just a simple way of writing down your goals, tasks or projects and breaking them down into easily manageable and achievable chunks.

We call these chunks, Actions and Steps. They’re the nuts and bolts of the task or project, the more actions and steps you complete the closer you are to completing the whole task or project and the closer you are to making your dream a reality.

One of the best things about having an action plan is it helps motivate you.

We all know that feeling when you get to the end of the day and, yet again, you’ve not achieved anything productive or got any closer to realising your dream.

With an action plan you get to celebrate all the small wins. You get the satisfaction from having a daily action plan all ticked off AND time left in your day to take a walk or watch a movie!

It’s all too easy to forget what you’ve already achieved, the steps you’ve already taken and how for towards your dream you’ve actually come. Action plans give you a hard copy to look back on what you’ve achieved throughout your day or week.

Six ways an action plan can help you with your massage business.

  1. Gives you direction. It stops you drifting around aimlessly from task to task.
  2. Helps you focus. It’s easier to put distractions aside with allocated times and deadlines.
  3. More motivation. The more steps you tick off the motivated you become to do more.
  4. Shows your progress. Being able to look back over your progress so far.
  5. Helps you prioritise. With a plan you can focus on important and timely tasks first.
  6. Reduce stress. Having a plan helps reduce stress because you know what has to be done.

Give it a try, I’m sure you’ll find it helps you be more productive and get closer to making your dream a reality.

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