Hi, I’m Trevor Chisman

I’m a massage therapist and clinic owner. And, I teach newly qualified, struggling or returning massage therapists how to get clients and grow their dream massage business.

I’m so feed up watching fantastic therapists struggle to make a living in this industry. Every year I see more and more therapists give up on their dream and return to the 9-5 grind.

It can be different!

It’s heartbreaking to watch and it doesn’t have to be like that! You absolutely can make a fantastic living as a massage therapist.

It doesn’t matter if you dream of giving chilled out massages by the beach or running a multi therapist clinic in a bustling city centre.

You can succeed!

The whole marketing thing can be confusing and I see therapists going round and round in circles wondering what the hell they should be focusing on. You can spend a vast amount of money and a huge amount of time going no where if you don’t have the right foundations, that’s where I can help you.

I started out much like you with a passion for helping people lead happier and healthier lives but with very little business and marketing know how I found it a struggle to start with.

I don’t have a fancy marketing or business degree, I’ve learnt what works on the front line through trial, error and hard work.

I’ve actually spent the majority of my working life self-employed. I can’t remember the last time I collected a wage cheque from an employer and I very much doubt I ever will again.

Over the years I’ve discovered I enjoy the business and marketing side of things and I’m actually pretty good at it. I’ve invested a lot of time and money learning as much as I can from some of the best in the business.

One of the things that’s really bugged me throughout my time in the massage industry is watching great therapists struggle to make ends meet and end up going back to a 9-5 they really don’t want to be doing.

Invariably it’s the business and marketing side of being a massage therapist they’ve struggled with.

The truth is, most massage therapists aren’t marketeers they’re healers and helpers.

But, if you want to grow a successful business as a massage therapist you do need to invest some time and effort in learning at least the basics.

I know marketing can be boring but it doesn’t have to be scary or confusing; in fact it can become pretty simple if you put the right systems in place.

I’ll introduce you to different ways to think about marketing and simple, non-sleazy, techniques to market you as a business.

3 Things about me

  1. I’ve loads of tattoos, all are black & grey except for two tiny red areas.
  2. I love photography. My Dad was a photographer so it’s in my blood.
  3. I’m a website geek. I build websites for fun and to procrastinate.

Dig deeper

My massage website – themassagespecialist.com

My clinic website – glasgowtreatmentrooms.co.uk

My Spotify massage playlist – The Massage Rebel Playlist

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